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Having a great design makes all the difference!

Friends come over, you BBQ the steaks and the mushrooms caps, the aroma smells great. Whether the deck boards are pressure treated lumber, cedar, or composite material or having a roof or pergola overhead, make certain you have a good design, and make certain whoever does it gets a building permit.  As an ex-building inspector it was my responsibility to make sure it was done to the Ontario Building Code and I have had many renovators not happy with me, when they had to make changes to do it right. Your Building Inspector is working for you not the guy you hired.  If you are told you do not need a permit (99% of decks do) hire someone else.  That Building Permit is your best assurance that it is being built according to code.
We have a great team of professionals that do build decks, sheds, and fences.  No, they may be as cheap as some others, but they will be insured, W.S.I.B. clearance, Police checked. and will take out a Building Permit to protect you and they will do it right!