Personal Bio (Owner Albert Stanley)

  • 25 years experience in the construction industry
  • College instructor of Canadian Construction Methods
  • Certified Building Inspector and Chief Building Official by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Building Inspector for two municipalities

“I know with my knowledge of the construction industry as a whole, the Ontario Building Code, the Ontario Building Act, having taught the various trades, and personally knowing most skills sets to perform the actual trade work.  I have learned what makes a professional worker and being able to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly is one of the leading factors to being successful in this industry.”

Utilizing his knowledge, experience, and life skills gives Albert Stanley a unique competitive edge:

  •      His knowledge of construction methods
  •      His knowledge of the Ontario Building Code, and as a Building Inspector
  •      His knowledge of the best of the trades to use
  •      His knowledge of superior products to purchase
  •      Listening to what his customer’s needs are
  •      Delivering them effectively and efficiently

Something I believe is Important!

You are trusting someone to come into your home and sign an agreement for thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars and you don't know much about him or her outside of the business card they gave you.  What do you know about them, other than what they have told you.  Trust is something earned and is most precious.

When I come to your home, I will bring

  • General Liability Insurance
  • W.S.I.B. clearance certificate
  • References
  • V.S.S. (Vulnerable Sector Screening) Police Report.